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When Things Get Worse

Joseph in the Old Testament was excited about the future he had. Visions of being a leader with parents who favored him, it definitely seemed like justified excitement for the path he was to live. Life was good. Until it wasn’t.

He went from being abandoned in a hole – slavery – prison. This is most definitely not the life he wanted to live. And this is most definitely not the life he felt he was promised to live, either.

Sometimes we feel like Jospeh where life goes unexpected and unwanted and we feel we are experiencing things that we feel we don’t deserve or that are taking us off course. But if we think of Joseph and how all of his series of unwanted and “even worse” panned out for him—

Did his life continue in what seemed like a series of missed blessings, missed potential, missed promises, & ignored desires? Nahhhh.

His promises of a great life with great blessings, his vision of being a leader, all of it, was not only fulfilled, but magnified! Instead of being a leader of his small area over his own family, he was magnified and became a leader over all of Egypt! He literally saved an entire civilization. And not only was he reunited with his family, but he was able to bring all of them to something better, a better way of living on better and more land with a more abundant life. God was not overlooking or ignoring or punishing, but working hard w/ every little detail to be sure it was *even better than what Joseph had in mind. All of it part of the plan to begin with. Needed and necessary and perfectly crafted for him at every stage and in every season and in every ‘even worse’ moment.

It’s easy to see here because we see his start and end—But what if we could see our end? What would we do differently now if only we could see His magnifications for us?

Let’s find confidence in our hole and slavery and prison moments knowing that our blessings will be fulfilled and magnified and even better than we imagined. We may not see the end, but He does. And He knows something we don’t. xox AL

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