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Wildly Optimistic; Gaining New Perspective for Life’s Challenges


Life is filled with hard, unexpected, unwanted, and uncharted paths. It’s filled with challenges that make us wonder if God is really guiding our lives. Does He still care about us? Is He really good? Is He even there at all?  But what if there’s another way to look at it? 

In her book, Wildly Optimistic, Al Carraway offers new methods and perspectives for life’s inevitable challenges. With her trademark honesty, optimism, and love for the Lord, she addresses how to stay close to God even when He is silent, how to keep going when too much time passes, and how to be hopeful when it’s not what we wanted, when things don’t work out, and when we want to give up.  Being an optimist doesn’t mean being happy all the time or that bad days won’t come. It is the knowledge that when hard days do come they won’t last and that better ones are coming. It means being proactive in our moments of crumbling and looking for lessons and opportunities and light. With new perspectives on scripture stories and personal trials, Al Carraway will help you better understand the Lord and allow Him the opportunity to show you how great He really is. Because even with the hard and unexpected, with God, we have every reason to be wildly optimistic!

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Also available to preorder: Rooted: Scripture Study Journal A first of its kind scripture study journal, the prompts within will help you to increase understanding and receive personal revelation. The thought-provoking questions and guided statements will help you better apply the scriptures to your life and make them more meaningful. Filled with space for notes, favorite verses, goals, answered prayers, and a 365-day reading chart, use any or all of these tools to study the way that works for you. Al Carraway’s hope is that this journal will become a tool to deepen your journey in becoming rooted in the Lord.

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