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Sometimes I’ll read old journal entries about my trials and confusion, and I look back at all these nights I spent collapsed on the floor, screaming at God until I’d lose my voice, “I CAN’T DO THIS! This is too hard, I’M NOT THIS STRONG!”— those times when I asked where He was or why nothing was coming together yet— those moments when I was brought down to desperately low levels of anguish that I had never before felt. And sometimes I’ll see old pictures of myself and think of how I had no idea how my life would unfold. No idea what lay ahead or where God would bring me next. And to see what I have now and what I’m doing, I can’t help but smile. I wish I could just yell to myself in the past, “YOU’LL BE ALL RIGHT! YOUR LIFE TURNS OUT AWESOME!” But of course it turns out awesome, because that’s what God will always do for us. We may not have all the answers we want about our future, but we know enough: we are led by an all powerful, all loving God. So now, we do the only things we know how to do. Keep going. Keep trusting Him. See where the Spirit will lead us next. See what lessons we’ll learn, the experiences we’ll have, the people we’ll meet, the states we’ll live in, the talents we’ll develop, the trials we’ll conquer. Try not to yell at God when things don’t make sense and when they are so hard. Stay patient and faithful and allow life to unfold the way He would have it. You may not have gone where you had in mind, but you will end up where you need to be with better blessings. Never let a change of course take away from the unchangeable truth that God is taking care of you. Because you will never be asked to do something that would not be for the absolute best for you.


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