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I Forgot We Could Do This…!

😞AHHHHH man, I had a LONG day the other day where–one thing after another, it seemed– went wrong or got worst. I, myself, didn’t do a single thing to try and make it better, I just let it happen and even expected more things to go wrong. I watched the clock, sloowwwlllyyy counting down until the day ended.

8:30 pm, I was sitting at the kitchen table typing some thoughts. Ben grabbed my arm to try and pull me up. I fought against his attempt to make me do anything than what I was attempting to do. He pulled again, signaling for me to stand up. BUT, I was RIGHT in the middle of doing the only thing I wanted to do in that moment–escape from the chaos of the day and write a few things down.

He pulled one more time and I knew if I didn’t get up at this attempt, he’d sigh, leave me alone and go into the other room. He was attempting to change my day.

8:30 pm and he was trying to change my DAY– can you even do that? Is that even allowed??? I surrendered.

We slow danced in our kitchen to Tom Odell. Even that late at night, we pressed the restart button. And I think there’s something to that. I think we forget we CAN do that, we CAN change things and we SHOULD.

We have a God of endless chances and a God who is always there to help. Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around, if we lay aside our pride and JUST STAND THE FREAK UP. Take the hand of the things trying to pull us away from our slumps.

So, what do you need to let go of today? Yes, even if it’s late into the night. It’s allowed. You CAN start over and you absolutely do not have to just accept that today is “just a bad day” and hope for a better one tomorrow. TODAY, RIGHT NOW, THERE IS SOMETHING TO DANCE ABOUT. All is NOT lost. Because today, right now, God is there and He is yours.

xox AL

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