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Maybe It's Not Them…Maybe It's Me…?

I GET IT. I totally, 100% get it. It’s easy to feel on the verge of losing our mind b/c OH MY GOSH, if ONE MORE PERSON posts that they are going to Disneyland for the ump-teenth time— or WHAT ON EARTH, seriously? How are they going out of the country again?….Must be nice, huh. …😒

Seems like everyone else is always out exploring or renovating or up-sizing or accomplishing & you just look at yourself…sitting in your home… with things going very differently than what you’re seeing from everyone else…leaving us feeling disappointed at things that actually shouldn’t be disappointing at all.


Dangerous and easy grounds for the adversary to run rogue with our thoughts, our life AND our purpose.

Overlooking the blessings of our “ordinary” life.

Unconsciously REJECTING the daily things God brings to us to show He is there, He is mindful, and He is uniquely crafting them very specifically and personally for us.

I don’t know, maybe everyone else isn’t the problem. Maybe it’s NOT them, EVEN IF we feel justified.

The more I seek for enlightenment on this, the more I realize it has nothing to do with anyone else and it has everything to do with me.

So, here’s what I’ve learned:

—We *really are* in control with how we act & react.

—We really do find what we look for–the good or the bad.

—We really are in control of the experience we have online.

—Worrying over things we can’t control is unhealthy for us AND our soul.

—Comparison is a poison WE choose to drink.

—Perfect does.not.exist. And easy does not exist. But—optimism does. Hope & faith does. God does.

—And you know what, the blessings in our “ordinary life,” ARE REAL BLESSINGS, FROM A REAL GOD, WHO REALLY DOES LOVE US & REALLY DID HAND PICK those exact things to help us succeed gloriously, & is preparing a place in heaven for you THIS EXACT MOMENT.

I’m not sure what part of that seems ordinary or insignificant to make us feel anything but empowered. ‘Cuz if that isn’t empowering, then I don’t know what is.

Let’s not allow anything or anyone alter the fact that WE ARE GOD’s and we are made for something so much greater than just what’s here.

Let’s take back control & unfollow anyone that makes us feel bad about us or our life. Even if that includes me. I hope you promise to yourself to not waste time living up to a false life *someone else* implies you should live. I hope you make a goal to live your life how YOU want to, doing things that make us TRULY happy and seeking after things that TRULY matter.

Because life is too short to feel lousy for an unworthy reason. Too short to play “keep up.” Too short to get worked up over things that don’t matter. Too short to be influenced negatively over people you’ll never meet. Life is too short to allow the adversary to drive our life or our self-worth and purpose into the ditch. Too short to forget that we have the MOST powerful being to ever exist, on our side, who never leaves if we but look for Him above our desires.

Because life is just too short to be anything but happy.

xox AL

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